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 You agree to these terms in the memberships and orders you make on our site. If these conditions are not suitable for you, do not shop on the site.

All products you purchase from are guaranteed by our company for 1 week unless otherwise stated. While the warranty period of the product you purchase is continuing and if you think that the products you purchased are incorrectly produced and you think that the product you bought is produced from the factory, please contact our customer service by providing your invoice number.

 You can replace a product that you purchased within a 7-day period. A defective or flawless product with a return request after the valid period is never returned by our company.

The packaging and contents of the product you want to return must be complete and have not lost their commercial qualities.

There is no change or return on the products in our outlet category.

The customer is obliged to return the product as received. In case of any return, you can send a petition stating your return request and our invoice, which belongs to the product.

After the product is subjected to the necessary examinations, after the approval of our units that there is no defect in its return, the fee you paid to the product within 1 week will be refunded to your account or credit card. The shipping costs incurred during the product return processes will be covered by the customer. will not return the product and will not refund the price if the product to be returned does not comply with the above conditions (any opening, deterioration, breakage, destruction, tearing, use in its packaging) is detected.

The returned products will not be received by us from the address. It should be sent to us by the appropriate means oftransportation.

In accordance with our agreement with banks, in case of product return, the price of the products will be returned to your account or credit card after 48 days.

 In cases such as tearing-scratching that may occur in the product packaging or box during transportation, your return will not be accepted. In this case, it is the customer's obligation to contact the shipping company and provide the necessary communication.

Order Cancellation Conditions

If you cancel your orders on the same day, no transaction fee will be charged on your credit card. You have the right to withdraw from orders on winpetcare within the same day (not delivered or transported).